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Want to grow your business on Instagram? Dive into Reels today!

Instagram is no longer a, "Photo Sharing App." 

In 2021, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, confirmed what many of us already knew. Instagram was making a strong pivot into video, and moving away from being just a, "photo sharing app." With the rise of TikTok, Instagram is moving to have Reels take over your feed. If you're not ready, your business is going to be left behind.   

"Is it worth my time to try and figure out Reels for my business?"

This was the exact question that Christal asked me before she bought the course. Christal is a mom of 4 (wow!) and also a small business owner. She is busy to say the least, and working on scaling her business while also raising her kids and everything else that goes into managing a home.

At the time, Christal had under 1,000 followers on Instagram, and I encouraged her to give Reels a try for her business. Christal committed to showing up consistently and trying out new features from the app as she worked through the course.

With hard work, a viral song, and good timing - one of her Reels went viral - to the tune of 2.7 million views! But that's not all. Her followers tripled overnight, and she followed up on several new inquires about her services. Since then, she's had several other Reels cross the 10,000 view mark as well.

Did I mention it took her only 15 minutes to create this viral sensation after she took the course?  

Should I be creating Reels for my specific industry?

Go Viral with Reels will show you how to create Reels for any industry. Whether you're a COACH, SERVICE PROVIDER, or  SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS this training is for you.

Want more reach on your content? Over 80% of new reach is being generated by Reels alone. Is your business missing out?

Reels are the #1 way to grow your brand on Instagram. If you are looking to add followers, it's time to add in Reels. 

Do you use Instagram to generate new business for your company? Reach more people you can nurture into leads with Reels. 

Worried about the time to create Reels? Learn time saving tips and tricks to add Reels to your content plan efficiently. 

What's Inside the Reels Training Modules?

Breakdown of each part of the Reels App

Want to add filters? Film in slow motion? How do you add text? Get an easy to follow along breakdown of all the key features. 


Music, Lip Syncing and more

Do you need to sing and dance to go viral on Reels? What to post for your brand? Get all those answer & more!


Here's what you'll get Instant Access to with Go Viral with Reels:

3 Beginner Training Modules on Setting up Reels

  • Decide how you want to use Reels for your business and what content is going to connect best. Walk through the inside of the app with each of the unique features. Learn how to navigate through Reels easily and hit record on your first (or next Reel). Each video lesson includes downloadable slides with instructions.

3 Advanced Training Modules for Next Level Reels

  • Ready to level up? These next modules are for you! Dive into effects, filters, green screen, and more. How to add trending music, smash out a lip sync and how to batch content. Don't want to dance? Find out what to post instead. 

BONUS: 101 Ideas for Reels for ANY Business

  • Need inspiration on exactly WHAT your Reels could be about? I've got you covered! Get 101 ideas for your next Reels. Products and service providers included! 50 of the examples show you ideas where YOU don't need to be on camera if that's not your jam.

Get Step-By-Step Video Training for Instagram Reels

If you want to grow on Instagram, the time to add in Reels is NOW!

3 Intro to Reels Modules  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(VALUE $147)
3 Advanced Reels Modules  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $147)
BONUS: 101 Ideas for your Next Reel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(VALUE $97)

Regular Price: $97


What Business Owners are Saying about Go Viral with Reels

After taking Go Viral with Reels, I decided to jump in… what harm could it do? I got this idea for my reel and posted it I was shocked at the traction. I remember messaging Jen almost daily to notify her how the numbers had jumped. It took up to a month for the traction to slow down and that right there is evidence that you just need to try!!! You never know what’s going to catch people’s eye and make them stop. And if it didn’t work, try again, try something different.  

Christal Brodziak 
Lactation Consultant
Empowered Mama Nation

"Wow! This is THE course that I needed right now. I have a social media marketing agency where I create content and manage social media accounts for my clients, and reels has been something I’ve wanted to add for so long but I never knew how to really create them properly. Literally the best investment I’ve made in to my business in a long time. You’re definitely missing out if you don’t jump in on this course to level up your Instagram engagement and reach with Instagram Reels!"

Brittany Hardy Owner,
Founder, Social Media Agency
Empty Desk Solutions 

I took Go Viral with Reels with Jen and I'm so happy with it. Jennifer's training is easy to follow and very detailed, but at the same time, it's fun. I highly recommend Go Viral with Reels to anyone who wants to know more about how to create stand out Reels!

Majida Razack
Spa Owner,
Little Loft Beauty Spa


Yes! I promise there is no dancing required to stand out on Reels. I go over several examples in different industries that are using Reels successfully without dancing or lip syncing. Reels can still be done professionally in a way that will work for your brand.

Each video tutorial is broken down by topic. Within each there are mini videos that show exactly how to use the app in a step-by-step process inside the app itself so you can easily follow along. A downloadable PDF guide is also included with each lesson.

Do you want to grow your audience on Instagram? Create content that will resonate with your audience and still be showing up in their feeds weeks later? If you answered YES, then this course is for you!

The spreadsheet is in a Google Doc. Once you’re signed in you can access the document right away. To edit, you’ll download or make a copy. You’ll find a quick link in Lesson #1, and it will also be emailed to you.

YES! If you are just starting out and want to grow FAST, then Reels are the answer. You can start creating your first or next Reel today with this training.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. With that said, if you have any issues or questions at all, I am just an email away!

Is this the year you start growing your audience FAST on Instagram? 

One template, 6 training videos, and unlimited potential for your brand!

Jennifer Kolbuc

Founder, Mountain Top Consulting Social Media Agency

I’ve worked in social media for over 13 years (How has it been that long already?!) I managed millions (yes millions) of followers for major brands in different industries and written thousands and thousands of captions
Today I spend my time helping solopreneurs and busy business owners make the most of the limited time they have for social media. I’ve helped hundreds of business owners take back control of their Instagram accounts with customized strategies and content plans that are the just the right size.

I want to make sure that you get more time back at the end of your day AND make Instagram a profitable place for your business. From real estate professionals to coaches, and small shop owners, if you’re wondering if I help your unique business on social media, the answer is YES!